Tires, tires, tires

With low overhead -- no local or national advertising -- Pete can pass on the savings where the rubber meets the road.  Call Pete at 239-204-9364.

Not the 8 to 5‚Äč:  it's all about your time, convenience

Life happens. The last thing you need is trying to fit in auto maintenance within the 8 to 5 clock. You need an "after-hours" appointment? Pete's there by appointment! Your schedule is only open on Saturdays? Pete's there by appointment! Call Pete at 239-204-9364.

Maintenance & General repair

Pete provides maintenance and repairs based on the individual manufacture factory schedule. No guessing. No add-ons. No bamboozing. It's what's "best" for your vehicle that counts. Call Pete at 239-204-9364. 


What We Do